do's and don'ts around here...

Language Policy

• Our pipes are for tobacco use only. No other use is suggested or implied.
• You can not use any language — in slang or directly — that relates to illegal substances of any sort.
• Anybody who uses incorrect language in our store will hear something along these lines….

"Through statements made by you, we have reason to believe you may use certain items you want to purchase from us with an illegal substance, which is unlawful. No item we sell is designed or intended for use with any illegal substance; therefore, we must refuse to sell to you”

And will then be asked to leave the store immediately!

We may seem like a relaxed bunch, but we are really not kidding around, we are working.

ID Policy

We card anyone who looks even close to under the age of 18.

This means if you are twenty-six, and we card you — it's cool - show us the ID and no problem. We are not trying to be jerks - we just must follow the law.

If you're going to purchasge the following items, we're going to check your ID first.
• Blunt Wraps
• Rolling Papers
• Lighters and Torches
• Pipes & Accessories
• Vaporizers & Accessories

… and anything else we decide that you should be at least 18 years of age to purchase.